Our Kittens in New Homes

Here is what Sarah wrote to me about the two kittens she got from our cattery:
"I wanted to write to thank you both again for the most amazing gifts I have ever been given, my Xena and Virgil, also know as Salt and Pepper. These two kittens have totally changed our lives, more so than we could have ever imagined. They bring so much joy and love into our lives every day. They greet us at the door when we get home, love to go on little walks around the yard on their leashes, play hard, and snuggle harder.
Virgil is my little cuddle monster by day, literally jumping into my arms whenever he can, no joke. If I'm standing near a counter or table, he will climb up and then jump towards me, as if saying "catch me mama," and then I have to quick as lightening catch that big boy in my arms. He LOVES being held. He loves to have me hold him as Mat is fixing food in the kitchen. He's just fascinated by everything we do.
Xena is the sweetest little lady, very gentle and sensitive. She is my cuddle monster by night. She snuggles up to me, right in my belly, as if I where her momma cat, and she kneads my stomach until she falls asleep purring. Then, whenever I awake during the night, or get up at all, she will repeat the kneading purring process until we fall asleep again. This happens every night, and is a ritual I absolutely cherrish.
These babies are growing into the most beautiful, kind and loving creatures I have ever met. They have made us much happier, healthier people. We are both forever gratefull. I needed you both to know.
Thank you again and again and again, Margret!

I want to update you to let you know Xander is hands down the best cat EVER!!!  Every person that comes over and sees him says he's the most gorgeous, sweet kitty they have ever met.  He's so caring and gentle with my kids and our new puppy.  In fact Xander and our new puppy are best friends and wrestle and play like brother and sister.  It's the cutest thing.  He really has the best temperament and words can not express how much we love him.  We even got him a cat harness and took him out for his 1st walk the other day and he loved it.  He really does think he's a dog sometimes:)  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing him into our lives!!

I’ve owned cats for most of my life and the majority of those cats have been Siamese.  As our beloved old Siamese boy, Charlie, was reaching the end of his life, we found out that my husband had tested positive for cat allergies. I’d already started the search for a new kitty, but it changed the focus of that search to finding a hypoallergenic breed. I researched the Siberians on the Internet and liked what I read. They were a strong, healthy natural breed who had indeed originated in Siberia. They were reputed to be highly intelligent and social, just like my beloved Siamese, plus they came in every imaginable color including color point (Siamese markings). 

Sweet Charlie passed away in late February of 2011 and my search for a local Siberian breeder began in earnest. I was fortunate enough to find Frosty Forest Siberians and quickly placed a deposit on a kitten in the F litter that was due the end of March.  I was thrilled to get an email announcing the birth of five healthy black and brown mackerel tabbies on March the 31st! It was in that newborn kitten picture, I first saw kitten who would become a member of my family, Felicia Carmen.

Three months later she came home with and quickly made her presence known in our household. I was used to smart cats, but her intelligence far exceeded anything I’d ever seen in fifty years of cat ownership! She was playing fetch with me one day and dropped the ball about a foot away from me.  I told her, “You need to bring your ball right to me if you want me to throw it”.  Immediately, she picked up her ball and carried to my hand! She also recognizes computer icons that resemble one another; she has patted the caret icon next to Facebook pictures with her paw.  I’m sure that she thought it was the mouse pointer icon that chased with her paw.  Of course, she turned her smarts to mischief, too. We learned quickly to keep toilet lids down as Ms. Carmen also liked to drop full rolls of toilet paper in the potty!

Much to our good fortune, she’s as sweet-natured and beautiful as she is smart. I’m awakened many mornings by a purring girl on my chest. (She’s waiting to get her forehead kissed!) She also loves to nestle in our arms, purring her heart out the whole time. Her silky black and brown coat is gorgeous and she has an incredibly sweet face with luminous golden-green eyes. My husband calls her “little sweetheart” and she is one, indeed.

I’d always intended for her to have a kitty companion, ideally a color point Siberian. A month or so after Carmen came home, I found out that Margret’s lynx-point queen, Zemi, was expecting a litter of color-point kittens with Coby, her young lynx-point stud (who was also Carmen’s father). In early October, Zemi had three little color point males. I had first choice of the babies and chose the little boy who was much darker than his brothers. After seeing one set of pictures, I told Margret I was pretty sure that my boy was a seal point, not a lynx point like his brothers and parents.  Margret concurred and my boy, Ichiro Mingus, turned out to be the first seal point Siberian born to Frosty Forest Siberians!

Ichi was a show stopper from the very beginning, his dark points contrasted dramatically with his amazing sapphire blue eyes.  His uniqueness was recognized early on by Margret’s young daughter, Ashley.  She doted on him from the very beginning, played with him every day and even carried him around in a pink blanket.  It was a bittersweet moment when the time came for Ichi to go home with us because we knew that Ashley was going to be very sad. This was confirmed when we heard that she had cried after we left with Ichi. I thought on the situation and came up with an idea. Firstly, we arranged for Ichi to “send” her a card telling her how much he loved her, secondly, I told Margret that Ashley was welcome to visit Ichi at our house any time she wanted to see him.  This has led to the establishment of the Ashley-Ichi   play date. Every few months, Margret and Ashley come to my place for a visit. Ashley plays with Ichiro and Margret takes her amazing pictures of both Carmen and Ichiro. I get caught up with the happenings at Frosty Forest and generally get to “talk cats” with Margret. What a nice solution to a difficult situation! In addition, I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know the darling, smart and talented Ms. Ashley. (She is bound to have her own dance company one day!)
As for Ichiro himself, he has grown from a darling three pound kitten to 13 pounds of Siberian cat beauty. He is the most docile cat I’ve ever had and certainly, the only one I’ve known that likes getting his belly rubbed. He is shyer and less social than Carmen, but he loves his family and his dinner with all of his heart. He loves to stretch out on our bed at night and will purr if anyone speaks to him or pets him!

Carmen and Ichiro have been a great blessing in our lives, we are fortunate to have the company of such loving, beautiful and intelligent cats. Margret is an exemplary breeder and person! I recommend Frosty Forest Siberians without hesitation to anyone wishing to bring one of these stunning cats into their lives.


Frosty Forest Alexis (n.k.a. Chloe) was the smallest out of 6 kittens in my first litter. When she was a newborn for a few days I had to feed her with a bottle, because she wasn't gaining enough weight (with 5 siblings fighting for a nipple :-). Chloe grew up to be a beautiful and big Siberian. Looking at her magnificent size, you wouldn't have believed that she was once so tiny. Her owner wrote about her: "Chloe has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is affectionate, smart, beautiful, very social with strangers. I remember her patience with a small child with severe Down's Syndrome last summer, when he got too rough she just moved herself out of his reach and then came back for more pets when she was ready. I swear she has a sense of humor - her favorite games are "chase" and "hide and go seek." I can't imagine our lives without her. She travels in the car between Seattle and Arizona with no problems at all, and even goes boating with us in Alaska, although she does suffer from seasickness if it gets too rough. She always uses her scratchers, I've had no problems with damage to furniture. Even friends of mine who aren't real "cat people" seem to enjoy her. Great breed. Siberians are truly amazing cats. Chloe is leash trained and loves taking walks outside." Her owner has severe cat allergies, but after her doctor put her on the lowest form of Advair, she has no allergic reaction to Chloe.

Jasmine's owner wrote to me: "Jasmine has been such a wonderful kitty. She is really sweet and smart. She is very food oriented and sits for all her food and treats, and knows exactly when she should get her canned food (I hear about it if I'm late!) On occasion she will fetch but prefers to play catch. She does everything in her power to stop her squishy toy ball from getting past her and manages to catch the ball. She loves straws. I have to watch my drinks because she will sneak up and try to steal my straws, she also steals other random things when I'm not looking. Jasmine loves to sleep on my lap and snuggle next to me when I'm about to sleep...only after attacking my feet. She's at the door waiting for me when I get home, even when I'm only gone for a minute. She is very protective and always must know exactly where I am, which is cute. I have several friends and family members that are highly allergic to cats but have never had an issue with Jasmine. It's been a blessing having Jasmine part of the family."

Frankie's owner, Holly, wrote about him: "I will admit, it took some convincing to get my husband, a "dog guy," to agree to a pure-bred cat. I used the Siberian's hypoallergenic nature as a bargaining chip and recited to him the very cool personality traits of the Siberian—I emphasized their "dog-like" traits. We have had Frankie for about eight months now, and we are all in love. Yes, even the hub. I have caught him snuggling with Frankie on numerous occasions! I have had no less than 15 cats in my life—Frankie is, hands down, the coolest cat I've had (and I've had some fantastic cats). He is exactly as advertised. He is a very social cat, always in the middle of the action. He doesn't want to let me out of his sight for fear me may miss something. He's a lap kitty—in fact, he just gave me nudge as I type to let me know he's coming up. He loves the kids, though smartly he approaches my sometimes wild son with a bit of caution! He is the perfect amount of affectionate—not needy, but just so happy to be loved. And my favorite part, he plays fetch! Many people say their Siberians love this game, but I didn't believe until I saw it. We are so happy to have found Frankie and are thrilled with the quality of breeder we found in Frosty Forest (who came highly recommended from another breeder). Thank you for our boy—he brings us entertainment and joy every day!"

Dasha came to us rather unexpectedly while we were waiting to adopt a male kitten from the “I” litter at Frosty Forest.  Dasha had been returned to Frosty Forest by a family who couldn't keep her any longer.  Margret posted an ad on her website for this beautiful 1-1/2 year old lynx point Siberian female. Her parents are Rico and Zemlianika. We made arrangements to meet Dasha and fell in love with her right away.  We adopted her and it didn’t take her long to settle in and become one of the family. We are so happy to share our home with Dasha.  For a cat, Dasha exhibits some very dog-like traits, as she follows me around the house where ever I go. She likes to help me fold the laundry and will sit right in the middle of the clothes. When I come home from the grocery store, a paper grocery bag is her favorite hiding place while I put things away. She knows her name and comes when she’s called. When I get up in the morning, she’s there to greet me at my bedroom door and joins me in the bathroom while I wash up. When I come home from work at night, even though my husband is home during the day, she’s sitting by the front door waiting for me.  Dasha has a very quiet voice and rarely meows unless she wants to get in a room when the door is closed. Her meow is more like a little chirp. She loves sitting on the back of the couch, draping her arms and legs over my husband’s shoulders. She often will snuggle up to my husband when he’s on the couch. She is not a lap cat, but she is very affectionate and loves being held and scratched on the head and chin. She rolls around on the floor and stretches and loves to have her tummy rubbed when she wakes up. She has a few attention getting antics like chewing on the plants or knocking over waste baskets, but generally she’s a very good kitty. She loves to help with paperwork, and ends up in the middle of things if I walk away for just a minute. Dasha has a very gentle, loving personality. Dasha does like high places and has been trained to stay off counters and tables. Dasha is a strong, sturdy cat. She loves to hunt her favorite bird toy on a wand and will play with it for a long time. She will race around the house at times, chasing imaginary things. Our Dasha is a pleasure and is a valued member of our family. As you can tell from reading this, we love our Dasha and are so grateful to Margret for giving us the opportunity to adopt her."

Shortly after adopting Kolya, her owner wrote: "He is adjusting to life in his new house and knows his name already. He comes when we call him by name, and has such an amazing personality; he is already well loved. Ava (her daughter) is totally and completely beside herself and he has given her many kisses and headbutts already. They are a little team. It's great. Zach (her husband) is in love with Mr. Kolya as well. Kolya has slept on our heads the last two nights and loves to sit with Zach. He is a great player and is really doing far better than I could have even hoped for. He is a pure delight!! Thank you so much for giving my two sweeties the chance to have Kolya in their lives."

Ten months later she wrote: "Kolya is a total dream. As always. I have no news to report on his personality. He came to us like a jewel and has stayed a diamond. I can only say that in 30 years, I have never loved a cat so much, and have never seen one with a personality anywhere near his. He is a total gentleman. He will stand up on his hind legs and extend his arms up my thighs - He does this to let me know he wants to be picked up! He sleeps with Ava every night, every nap, all the time he can be found anywhere she is. When she is watching a movie, when she's coloring... he's always right by her side...."

Gabe was the only color-point kitten in Zemi's "G" litter.  Look at him relaxing in the basket with his siblings!  :=)  His owner, Sue, wrote: "I think the best word to describe my Gorgeous Gabe is "exuberant". Anything Gabe does, he does it with Gusto. He loves to play chase with Khufu, and even Belle has been drawn into the game. He plays fetch and can jump "ridiculously high". Gabe is very sociable and doesn't play favorites. He loves attention from all of us. When he decides it is time to be affectionate, he purrs and kneads with all he's got. He's is also determined and opinionated (which makes me laugh). Gabe is so very handsome, I never get tired of looking at him.  We all love him, except for Belle, but he is winning her over, too."

Tobi's owner wrote about him: "Tobi is my baby. He is almost 2 now and has an extraordinary personality. All of our friends just love him. Tobi is a cuddler, he likes to sleep on my pillow, which can be annoying, but sadly I love him too much so I let him. I'm up at 5AM and so is he, he loves to be wherever I am - Tobi is very social and loves attention, very friendly to anyone that comes over. Tobi lays in the sink, which he can barely fit into anymore, as I do my makeup and looks at me waiting for kisses on the forehead. I feed him some wet food before I leave to work, and if I'm in a hurry and try to sneak out the door, he'll run and jump at my lap to remind me of his morning treat. Always at the door when I get home too. He's affectionate but not overly needy so I don't feel bad leaving him home alone. He gets excited, eyes wild, when you crinkle a piece of paper into a ball..ready to dive after it. He'll bring it back sometimes too! He knows what the words "breakfast, dinner, treat, birdie, no-biting, and spider" mean. I yell "Tobi spider!" and he comes charging across the house ready to take care of it for me. "Birdie" and he eagerly jumps up to look out the window. He is so smart! Even my friend, who is terrified of cats, likes Tobi. He also likes to be chased, he will run away and when you turn back, he sneakingly runs after you and jumps at your legs. It freaks me out! :) He even likes to play wrestle, grabs onto your forearm with all fours. He is such a sweet and fun cat. Very much loved."

Lianne purchsed 2 kittens from our cattery.  First Charlie (Charlene) and a few months later Echo.  After Lianne got her first girl and she was waiting for Bastet's litter (and her 2nd kitten) to be born, she wrote in one of her emails"What colors do you think you will get from Bastet? While the brown classic tabby really appeals to us, after having Charlie we realize that she could be purple with pink poke-a-dots and we would still adore her!  Their intelligence and loving personalities are really what make Siberians so special (that and how amazingly soft she is!) We would still be interested in a female. We would very much love to have another Frosty Forest kitten!"  By the way, she did get a black/brown classic tabby from Bastet's litter, namely Echo. "
2 years later she wrote:
As you know, they couldn't be more different! Charlie is so relaxed and loves everyone she meets. Echo is a "going concern". She is very curious and smart and takes the world on her terms. They are both very affectionate and deeply involved in every aspect of our family life. Although Echo is a bit of a nervous traveller, they both have adjusted to the 2 hour car rides from our home in White Rock to our home in Whistler. It would seem for them, wherever we are, home is! I would recommended the Siberian breed to anyone looking for an amazing feline companion!"

Catherine, Fiona's owner, wrote:  "Fiona is a spunky, sweet girl who has more focus and attention than some humans! I am impressed with her learning ability and memory. Fiona is thoughtful and cautious. She will initiate a game of fetch by bringing us her favorite loony loop toy, and when playing feather on a stick I’d swear she can fly! Very athletic with a loud soothing purr, she is always ready to interact but can chill out on her own, observing quietly and ready to lend a paw with whatever we may be working on. Not really a lap cat, Fiona prefers to lie next to us when we relax on the couch. I often pick her up and carry her around the house because her fur is so soft, plush and luxurious, yum!  We enjoy conversations with Fiona and she usually has a clever comment to make. Often when we come home she has fascinating stories to tell us about all that went on that day.  Simon is our 10 year old rescue cat, and since Fiona has joined the family he has lost some weight and is much more active, energetic and has a cuddle buddy. I’m sure she has extended his life a few years.  We are working towards Fiona’s championship and she already has many Best of Breed points from placing over adult cats when she was only 10 months old.
We feel honored and lucky to have this Siberian queen in our lives and never tire of her beauty.  Thank you so much, Margret!"

In April of 2012, our dear, beautiful black/brown mackerel tabby, Cosette had her second birthday.  She weighs in at 13 lbs.  We raised her with her adopted brother, a Shichon at 20 lbs., named KP.  They are very affectionate to one another.  Cosette grooms KP whenever she thinks he needs it.  She pins him down and he knows to hold still until she is satisfied with her job.  Whenever we play ball with KP, Cosette joins in the fun.  She loves to “hide” behind curtains, or anything three inches tall or more.  She leaps out from her hiding place and catches or swats at the ball with one, two or all four paws.  KP then has the duty to collect the balls before the next round of fun.  Cosette loves to race through the house and leap up on her tower and then straight to the upper window ledge at eight feet.  She has an amazing “growl” when she does this.  Scratching furniture has never been a problem, she uses her posts.  She loves to be brushed and begs to go outside on her leash.  Cosette is a ferocious bee swatter and enjoys the taste of her kill.  She doesn’t like to be told NO, when she is told no, she changes direction immediately and pretends that she had other things on her mind.  She recognizes the word no, treat, outside, hungry and eat.  She can come to her name, but only if it is in her best interest.  She begs for popcorn (eats it if you hand feed her fluffy pieces) her favorite human snack is cashews.  Her brother, the dog, has taught her that begging has its rewards.  If I had to mention any negatives, it is that she likes to eat my beautiful wire ribbons.  I have to keep them out of her reach. 

We love Frosty Forest Cattery.  Margret is a wonderful breeder and shows great respect for her beautiful cats.  Thank you Margret, we love our sweet Cosette.

The Davis family
Union, WA 98592

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